There were four talks with four artists about their conceptual art in progress. Each lasted one hour from 5 pm to 6 pm. At this time a lot of pedestrians pass by. The curator and the artist were sitting face to face in the showcase of the gallery next to a tailor’s shop on the left and a parquet shop on the right. The tailors were sewing, the carpenters were sawing and the artist and the curator were drawing. And gesturing. The “white cube” became a “living workshop” for people passing by.

A video camera fixed at the ceiling was filming the talks from above. The eye of the camera saw the white square of the table with the hands of both “actors” gesturing and the material they used for their talk.

At the beginning of the exhibition there were four black outlined squares on the walls. Each of them was filled with the remains of the talk of each artist from left to right one after the other within two weeks.

At the opening there were the white table and the two black chairs left over in the store window, four black squares filled with four artist statements about their actual conceptual art work in progress and four videos documenting the talks in full length.